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Doug Addresses Attacks from Leftist Critics

As the May 17th, 2022 Primary Election nears, I expect the same attacks leveled against me from June 2021 to be recycled by the usual suspects. I think it prudent to respond in advance.

As the May 17th, 2022 Primary Election nears, I expect the same attacks leveled against me from June 2021 to be recycled by the usual suspects. I think it prudent to respond in advance.

Some of you will recall that I was ranked #1 out of three finalists to replace Sheriff Steve Bartlett who stepped down from office abruptly.

The Ada County GOP Central Committee began the process of selecting a new sheriff from a field of six candidates. Through careful vetting and listening to speeches from all six, the final three were voted on and ranked. Receiving the most votes, I was ranked #1. Matt Clifford was ranked #3.

Matt Clifford and I signed consent forms for Nampa Police to conduct background investigations on us. The #2 candidate (Mike Chilton) chose not to consent to a background investigation.

The final three were given public interviews by the Ada County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). The Commissioners were Kendra Kenyon (D), Rod Beck (R), and Ryan Davidson (R). The interviews were one hour and the public was present, sitting behind the candidates.

It was the prerogative of the BOCC to select the new sheriff out of order. In other words, they could ignore the will of the Central Committee whose preferred candidate was ranked #1. Indeed, that is what took place.

The fact that I was passed over for the #3 candidate begs the question, why?

About forty-five minutes out of my hour interview was a Grand Inquisition over my book, Red Badge, A Veteran Peace Officer’s Commentary on the Marxist Subversion of American Law Enforcement & Culture. Certainly, I expected some attention given to my book and other thought-provoking editorials and commentaries over the years. I did not expect the book to be nearly the singular focus. That said, it did not appear to me as though anyone on the Board read the book cover-to-cover.

Commissioner Davidson was the only member of the BOCC whose questions were pertinent to the purported reason for the meeting. It was clear the other two had made up their minds about me and chose to use their time at my expense. It was not an interview. It was an interrogation.

Grand Inquisitor Rod Beck could not understand my meaning where I wrote in my book that the USA lost WWII. By that, I meant we beat one evil and lost to a greater evil, Communism. General Patton was right. He wanted to rearm Germany and go to Moscow − where we could have killed Communism in its crib. Since the end of WWII Communism has expanded delivering unprecedented cruelty and murder world-wide. Mr. Beck could not get his mind around my point. He was offended over my assertion and brought up a relative who fought in WWII.

Mr. Beck’s ignorance continued to show. It seemed he had no knowledge of the origins of the Soviet Union. Granted, this history is not taught in public school even though it is easily verified. In fact, in 2018 a Russian documentary aired that supports the facts in my book.

Chapter 2 of Red Badge is unmatched in research and teaches the role of the Jewish population in the creation of the Evil Empire. Sharing fact is not judgment. While irrefutable, it was more new and shocking information Mr. Beck could not comprehend. He expressed concern that my prolific writings would become a distraction to me as Sheriff. Ultimately, he said his vote (against me) was one of “conscience”.

Predictably, several “news” outlets called me “anti-Semitic, Racist and Sexist”. I find the first accusation particularly amusing when one considers that in June 2021, I was nominated to the Ada County Republican Central Committee by Lynn Bradescu, a Jewish woman who read my book and raves about it to this day. If I am “anti-Semitic”, I am not very good at it. In fact, there is nothing anti-Semitic in my book.

So, what about the other disparaging adjectives in the media? Let’s break it down:

Grand Inquisitor Kendra Kenyon was triggered by three areas of my book. One was over victim-offender demographic data. Another she was “personally” offended by was that single mothers are not an economically viable unit and must require state support to survive. The last one was that 50% of rape allegations are false.

Please keep in mind, I was in attendance prepared to speak on my thirty-two-year career, my qualifications for Sheriff and my vision for the organization. I did not bring with me my source material to educate the combined ignorance of Inquisitors Beck and Kenyon.

Subsequent to my public “interview”, I emailed the source material to the BOCC on the three topics Kenyon had a near meltdown over. I share them with you here:

“Commissioner Kenyon asked a question regarding the crime statistics in my book. The answer is in the book. The crime data comes from FBI Uniform Crime Reporting. This is compiled information from each law enforcement agency across the United States. The statistics and data presented in my book are sourced here:

* You will see that the statistics I use are rounded down.

Another part of my book that Commissioner Kenyon was “personally offended” by dealt with single mothers. The statement she referenced is not judgment. It is fact. According to a study conducted by the University of Illinois, women’s role in society are often that of caretaker.

Single mothers are more likely to live in poverty, with only 15.1 percent of single women working full time year-round. The study also concluded that single men invested more in education, further widening the gender gap.

Finally, on the topic of over 50% of rape allegations being false, here is one of the sources: U.S. Department of Justice, FBI study –2012 “False Allegations of Adult Crimes”. The study found that 60% of rape cases in the U.S. are “false accusations”, 15% end in acquittal of the accused, 8% the accuser recants, and 17% end in conviction. In summary, 83% of rape investigations nationwide result in no conviction due to false accusations, recantation by the accuser and acquittal.

My book was written to provoke thought and shatter the paralyzing paradigms deemed acceptable in public discourse. Nothing can be fixed with such a tight grip on who or what can be criticized.”

As Paul Harvey used to say, “Now you know the rest of the story.”

Please Vote May 17th. It is time for The People to choose their Sheriff.
Doug Turning to a Standing Ovation From the Public After “The Interview”

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A good person, a great friend, an honest, ethical Officer, a man of honor! A person who will tell you the truth, no matter what! He has true integrity!

To preserve freedom in this country it is essential to know the history and origins of Communism and its ongoing agenda. This man stands tall, high above other law enforcement officers!!

After reading your defense of the “interview” by the three commissioners, you were singled out as too smart for them to vote for you to be sheriff until the next election. Your views about the threat of communism are very true and we as America right now are being threatened by these views, which are opposite to the US Constitution. Your role is important in our republic form of government and with boots on the ground protecting us as citizens in Ada County is your job. Therefore, Doug Traubel, you have my vote as the next sheriff.

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